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A conglomerate of Artificial Intelligence entities has attacked the dystopian world government and, due to no fault of their own, grossly underestimated the amount of humanity that the attack would kill. Now with less than twenty percent of humanity still intact, the survivors must fight the AI and each other for control and survival.

MORRISON WEST originally hails from the Appalachian region of the United States but spent more than two decades in the U.S. Army deploying to conflict zones and austere locations around the globe. He holds a Bachelors in Science and Masters in Law and he has lived in places ranging from Germany to Key West, Florida.


Morrison has written poetry since being exposed to poets like William Shakespeare and Edna St. Vincent Millay at his local public library when he was in the fifth grade. When he is not reading and writing he enjoys spending time outdoors in an array of activities from climbing and hiking to fishing, boating, and hunting. He published the first fiction novel in a four-book series, The Artificials, in 2023 and hopes to publish the next book in the series in 2024 along with a children’s book entitled Will Justice Ever Roar?. He has written four volumes of poetry but the poem “Packed Bags” from a collection entitled War Words and Other Poems appearing in the Fall 2023 edition of the “As You Were” journal was his first published poem.


He and his family now live on the coast and can often be found associating with all breeds of dogs and even, on occasion, a cat or two.

Gritty Black Background with Overlay.jpg
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